Nisga'a Memorial Lava Bed Provincial Park is a provincial park in the Nass River valley in northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Along Highway 113, about 80 kilometres north of Terrace, and near the Nisga'a Villages of Gitlakdamix and Gitwinksihlkw.

Highway 113

Highway 113, also known as the Nisga’a Highway, heads northwest into the Nass Valley from Terrace. The highway number marks the number of years it took for the Nisga’a Nation to reach a treaty agreement with the governments of Canada and British Columbia. Take your time along the winding road, though is a medium distance ride, you will want to be stop along the way to take in the beauty.

Auto Tour

Starting at the park entrance the map shows all attractions of the Auto Tour. from the the park entrance through our four communities and attractions as Hot springs, Suspension Bridge, Museum, Totem Poles all the way to the ocean at Gingolx... #1, Oscar Peak is in full view,  #2 off to Lava Lake Picnic Site breath taking views, wild life, accessible beach, welcome to boaters and family picnics. #3 Next stop is Crater Creek trail,  the closest you can get to the vent without a guided tour. the trail is along the stream that runs in early spring and at times in late fall. The runoff  from Melita Lake flows most times under the lava surface making it's way to the mighty Nass. #4 making your way along the 113, the drowned forest stop shows a surface streams that gains close to flood tables each spring. beautiful scenic streams #5 Baupre Falls, about 100 meters from the pullout, spectacular view of water from lava lake run off, #6 Our world famous Vetter Falls, no need to crop and create pics here. back drop to many wedding photos, graduations, birthdays, family gatherings. #7 Visitor Information Centre, drop on in on way t camping visiting the rest of the valley, Free Auto Tour maps available. 


Gitlaxt'aamiks (New Aiyansh)

Located in the heart of the Nass Valley, this is the administrative centre of the Nisga’a Lisims Government. There are many beautiful buildings to visit in this village of 800 people, including the historic Gitlakdamix community hall, which has a stunning front mural. The New Aiyansh Recreation Centre, completed in 1998, has four totem poles in its lobby. Guided tours of these beautifully built government buildings are available on request. In front of the Nisga’a Elementary/Secondary School you’ll find the Unity Pole – raised in 1977, it was the first totem pole raised in the Nass Valley since the late 1800s.


Gitwinksihlkw (Canyon City)

Gitwinksihlkw is located on the north bank of the Nass River, across from the Nisga’a Lava Bed Memorial Park, approximately 100 km northwest of Terrace. Gitwinksihlkw is Nisga’a for “Place of the Lizards” which refers to the large lizards that are believed to have inhabited this area before a volcanic eruption roughly 250 years ago. The Gitwinksihlkw totem poles are a must-see when visiting this village. There are four 25-foot tall poles at the new vehicle bridge, each representing a different animal crest of the Nisga’a people: eagle, raven, wolf and killer whale. There is also the elementary school totem pole that stands 60 feet high and represents elders teaching the children. At the top is a supernatural bird, which is said to have stopped the flow of the volcano when it erupted. The Bear’s Den pole is located at the village recreation centre. It stands 55 feet high and represents the history of Gitwinksihlkw. You also won’t want to miss the 400-foot suspension bridge.


Laxgalts'ap (Greenville)

Nisga'a museum - In 2011 the Nisga'a celebrated the opening of Hli Goothl Wilp-Adokshl Nisga’a, which means The Heart of Nisga’a House Crests. The Nisga'a Museum is open through out the spring and summer months, they provide informative, interpretive tours. Definitely a must see is this world class attraction.

This small community of 600 people is one of the four villages of the Nisga’a Nation. Laxgalts'ap means “the dwelling place comprised of dwelling places”. When visiting Lakalzap you might want to make a stop at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church - the largest Anglican Church building on the BC mainland outside of Vancouver. Lakalzap is home to a youth centre and a new recreation centre.   

Gingolx (Kincolith)

Located on the Nass River, Gingolx was only accessible by water or by air until 2003, when a 29-kilometre stretch of highway was built linking it to Laxgalts'ap. The road links the people of Gingolx with the rest of the Nass Valley and has paved the way for this tiny coastal village to become a stunning tourist destination. The gorgeous vistas on the drive to Gingolx leave visitors absolutely breathless. Check out the village’s many totem poles, or take a visit to Kincolith’s Christ Church to see some of its incredible stained glass windows. Gingolx is also called the Seafood Capital of the Nass.


Terrace - Gitlaxt'aamiks                94 km

Gitlaxt'aamiks - Gitwinksihlkw      10 km

Gitwinksihlkw - Laxgalts'ap           38 km

Laxgalts'ap - Gingolx                    30 km

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