Places, Family, freinds,

and gatherings

"as long as we have been here we have lived and been at one with the lands and rivers. With reminders from the skies that we are here to protect every where the rainbows reach".

- Nisga'a elder -

There are still pristine valleys and peaks untouched by human hands. There are still visible trails and dwellings that were only used by seasonal hunters and fishermen hundreds of years ago.


Nisga'a language, culture, history, and songs survived the threat of extinction through the Residential school era. Today they are cornerstones of education, celebration, political leadership, social and cultural gatherings.

The Nisga'a people have been here for more than 6000 years. in the mid 1700s there was more than 30 000 Nisga'a along the mighty Nass River. The volcano claimed approximately 2 000 lives , newly introduced european diseases claimed thousands more. In the mid 1800s our nations was down to 800 people. we are now over 7000 strong..

As our elders speak....

"As Nisga'a, from the day you are born to after the your time has passed, you belong. You will never walk alone, you will aways have a place at the table"

"you have a responsibility to learn and share, of where your family comes from, learn the stories, songs, and traditions that you are apart of and protect you".

"every beat of the drum is as the heart beat of our ancestors. They join you in the footsteps of your dance, they are the breath of the songs you sing".


"K'alii'aksim Lisims (Nass River) provides our strength, it is a part of our history, is our sustenance and our future. It is a part of all of us. We have the inherent responsibility to preserve it in it's pristine state for the next generations."


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